Course content:

The training course is designed to give you a springboard to set you off on your Forest School Journey, covering areas such as:

  1. Safe fire lighting and outdoor cooking

  2. Tool safety (including knives, saws and axes)

  3. Rope work and shelter building

  4. Species identification, animal tracking and managing a site correctly

  5. Theories of learning and bringing the best out in your learners

  6. Managing risks and staying safe in the woods and at the beach

  7. Seashore safaris including beach activities, rock pooling... and much more!

Course duration:

Both the level 2 and 3 courses run together over 9 Wednesdays starting on the 14th of September. There will also be an assessment day during the year (dates to be agreed with students) to demonstrate the practical aspects of the course.

Each level 3 student will have 18 months from the end of the training course in which to complete and hand in all portfolio work (this can all be done online) and the level 2 students will have 12 months. During this time they will have access to our library, online resource base and opportunities to meet up and talk through assignments with the course tutor. The work is spaced out over the year to ensure that there is time to review work once it has been marked. Provision will be made for any students will additional learning needs.

Course cost:

Level 3 training and assessment - £1,100  +  £55 registration fee (deposit included in total)

Level 2 training and assessment - £600 + £55 registration fee (deposit included in total)

If you would like to attend the training and do not wish to receive accreditation, the cost is £65 per day or £420 for the course.

(Option available to spread the cost out over the year if you would prefer (please ask for details).

The level 3 qualification:

This nationally recognised award qualifies and enables you to set up and run forest school activities in your own setting and is the benchmark award for all forest school leaders nationally. There is no wasted work, all units compile to produce a portfolio which will then provide the foundation for all future practice. As part of this you will be developing your own risk assessments, producing relevant policies as well as developing communication strategies with which to advertise your sessions and ensure that everything runs smoothly.

The level 2 qualification:

This is designed as an assistant’s award, for those who would rather take on a support role within an existing Forest School setting. The level 2 follows the same training course as the level 3 and also allows for a reduced rate upgrade to level 3 (should you wish to progress in the future). The paperwork requirement is much less, however the training is carried out at the same level.

Entry requirements:

Level 3 - The minimum age for this qualification is 19. Applicants should have suitable background experience in children and young people’s work.

Level 2- The minimum age for this qualification is 16. You will need to find a setting in which to gain experience over the consolidation period.

Course benefits:

- NEW - Online portfolio system (complete your course from anywhere in the world)

Access to FS library holding over 70 forest school books and resources

Online resource network

15% discount on all items in our shop

Free access to monthly skills workshops with NFS

Discounted membership to the Forest School Association

Discount on Forest School First Aid courses with Forest School First Aid

What our students have said:

“Inspirational”                 “Inspires many with good, strong values”            “Life changing”

“A well thought out programme that values children”         “A refreshing way to approach learning”

“Life changing, has made me a better person”        “It gave me the confidence to run my own group”

“Amazing teaching, fantastic setting - inspiring”

“An excellent life changing course which I would thoroughly recommend to anyone”

“Lovely people, well organised”    “Fully practical and interactive hands on forest skills learning”

“One of the high points in my life”

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Forest School and Beach School

Leader’s Training Levels 2 and 3

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About the course:

This course is for those who want to see young people flourish, for those with a real passion for education and especially for learning through first hand experiences outdoors. We are not interested in simply training leaders, we want to support and encourage a real love for learning. Great leaders inspire others and are happy to share who they are and what they have learnt. Our hope for every student is that they will discover that there is more in them than they ever knew. We aim to build strong and confident leaders who are not afraid to try, who are never too old or too knowledgable to learn and who have a love for the great outdoors!

Level 2 & 3 Course Details

“Amazing teaching, fantastic setting - inspiring”

“An excellent, life changing course which I would thoroughly recommend to anyone”

Course Dates:

28th February - 9th May 2018 - Level 2&3 Weekly training course (runs Wednesdays excluding Easter holidays)

30th July - 4th August 2018 - Intensive 6 day Level 2&3 training course (residential options available)

3rd October - 5th December - Level 2&3 Weekly training course (runs Wednesdays excluding half term week)