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Newquay Forest School is a social enterprise investing in children and young people in Cornwall

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What’s the deal with cotton clothes? 

Cotton is great for keeping you cool when you’re hot but not great at keeping you warm. Heavy cotton clothing such as jeans drys very slowly when wet so is best avoided altogether. As a rule of thumb, if it feels almost dry when it comes out of the washing machine it will probably keep you the warmest!

This page is here to help you get ready to go on an adventure!

We will cover what and how to pack, what you can be expecting when you’re with us both for your benefit and to put you parent’s minds at rest!

               Firstly what to pack.

You will need...

Two clearly marked rubble sacks or bin liners (one inside the other).

A Torch (preferably a head torch and preferably not a wind up one, otherwise any torch will do!).

Spare torch batteries (if needed... sealed in a sandwich bag and taped to sleeping bag straps).

Sleeping bag.

Warm jumper (preferably wool or fleece).

Pillow case (or clean cushion cover with a zip is even better).

Clean underwear and two pairs of warm socks.

Fresh T-shirt (preferably nylon).

Tracksuit trousers.

second thin jumper.

Wooly hat.

Any medication needed (in a separate clearly marked bag and handed in to teacher).

Please do not bring knives (we will supply all tools) phones or other electronic equipment.

Please don’t bring sweets as they pose a choking hazard in hammocks.

You may bring up to £3 to buy items from our Forest School shop if you would like to.




Tied to...

Empty pillowcase








All packed inside here...


               Where do we sleep?

Everyone gets their own suspended hammock tent which is made up of a fly sheet (to keep the rain off), an integrated sleeping mat (to keep you warm) and a built in net (so that you don’t roll out in the night!)

Hammocks are pitched in groups (side by side) with separate boys and girls areas. Staff will be positioned with each group and there will be a night warden on duty all night.


Each hammock is equipped with four storage pockets, a glow stick and small hanging torch for use as a nightlight. All internal zips are equipped with high visibility tags so that you can find them at night.

Wash kit & Insect Repellant

               What should I wear?

In addition to the above bring the following...

Underwear and thick warm socks (or two thiner pairs)

T-shirt (preferably nylon - such as a football shirt)

Long trousers (not jeans)

Thin jumper (preferably nylon)

Boots or trainers that can get wet and muddy!

Sun hat

Waterproof coat and waterproof trousers



Sleeping bag

Warm jumper

Sun cream

Tie or tape the top of the bag. If it is too full you can put another bag over the top to form a lid. Clearly mark the bag with your name and class group. It may be worth packing a couple of fresh bin bags at the bottom for the return journey.