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The New Education Think Tank

We have started to take some of the Forest School concepts, combined with our commitment to building a healthy community and have started thinking about the bigger picture... What if...?

So here’s the problem... our education system is largely set up to educate children for the world we live in... but once these children leave school many of the things they learnt will be obsolete. So how about we start to look at what the world might be like in the future and use this to inform our teaching. So let’s ask ourselves what will the world be like 25 years from now if one thing changed?

Well for a start here is what it looked like 25 years ago...

  1. ...Most people had never visited a web page like this one you are reading.

  2. ...Hardly anyone had a mobile phone and even if they did it would only make a phone call!

  3. An iPhone 5 would have cost $3,500,000 to produce (see here)

  4. The first Starbucks coffee shop had just opened in California

  5. The Gulf war had just started

OK thinking now?

We are asking individuals, schools, youth organisations, OAP’s and anyone else who likes to use their brain to jot down some ideas of what the world will look like in 25 years time following just one line of thought... For example...

  Lets take GPS, in the last 12 years satellite navigation has gone from something only ships, aircraft and the military used to navigate to something that we have in the palm of our hand. So what else could GPS be used for in the future?

Driving our cars?... not simply telling us where to drive but actually cars driving themselves.

So if cars can drive themselves then a car could be developed that doesn’t need any seats?

If you have an unmanned ‘drone’ car driving around what could it be expected to do?

and so on...

If you get stuck the children will do the rest... and remember there is no such thing as a silly answer! Only an ignored one.

Once you have your ideas you can upload them to the NETT Facebook page here and together we will use our thinking to change the way that education thinks!


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