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Newquay Forest School

CPD and Skill Share Workshop

Upcoming Dates:

7th April

5th May 2018

7th July 2018

29th September 2018

What is the skill share all about?

Throughout the year we will be putting together an interactive training workshop designed to; help maintain best FS practice, give an opportunity to network with other like minded people, share experience, spend time in the woods and generally have a great time! It is an opportunity for established Forest School leaders to link with trainees looking for experience and also for teachers or those wanting to add to their CPD to come and learn more about Forest School.

Are children welcome?

Your children are always welcome, however we will not be taking direct responsibility for your young people, so you will be expected to take full responsibility for them while at the workshop.

What is the cost?

These sessions are free to Newquay Forest School students as part of their training package

If you are a visitor then your first skill share is free, after that it is £20 per person over 18

What about dogs?

We do not allow dogs on our site for H&S reasons.

Do I need to book on?

If you are a student with Newquay Forest School then a simple text message will do,

If you are not one of our Forest School trainees please click here to book your place.